Join thousands of women who are building the confidence to unlock their potential with Jocelyn Giangrande’s What’s In Your Sandwich? book  series.

What does a sandwich have to do with career success?  Jocelyn believes a lot!

Your Speaker!

Your Speaker!

Career expert and professional coach Jocelyn Giangrande travels the country helping women put the right ingredients in their career strategies.  Using the sandwich metaphor, Giangrande shows how building a successful career is like building a sandwich.   Just like a sandwich, a successful career is as good as its ingredients, best if fresh and can be catered to your wishes.  Studying successful people in careers and business, as well as her professional journey, Giangrande shares the secret ingredients that lead to success.  These books are entertaining and full of stories, tips and lessons on how to get your career or business moving in the right direction.  Start Building Your Sandwich Today!

4844Jocelyn Giangrande, MA, SPHR, CCDP: President & Founder of SASHE, LLC is a career expert, professional coach and motivational speaker.  Giangrande helps professionals propel careers, transition to new fields and turn passions into businesses.

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