10 Surefire Ingredients For Career Success

“A Great Career Starts with Knowing What’s In Your Sandwich?– Jocelyn Giangrande

If your career is stuck in a rut, you have untapped potential or you want to turn a passion into a business, you’re in the right place!

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Join thousands of women who are building the confidence to unlock their potential with Jocelyn Giangrande’s What’s In Your Sandwich? Book  Series


Many of us have careers stuck in ruts without road maps to get out.  “What’s In Your Sandwich?” is a practical, funny and informative guide designed to help you get unstuck.   This easy-to-read strategy book provides you with surefire ingredients to get moving in the right direction.

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New! Supercharge Your Confidence with these 7 Savvy Ingredients.

Career expert Jocelyn Giangrande understands how lacking confidence keeps your from asking for money, following your passion or getting your voice heard.  Full of stories, tips and advice, Jocelyn shows how confidence is more important than education and experience.  Get moving towards your goals today!

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“What’s in Your Sandwich? is practical, empowering and inspiring!   A must read for any woman – Monica E. Emerson, Navy Diversity Officer, U.S. Department of Navy